The Los Angeles music lesson instructors at Eagle Rock Music Studio can help you or your child’s musical aspirations.  Lessons are available for a wide range of instruments including:

Affordable Los Angeles Music Lessons from Eagle Rock Music Studio

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Eagle Rock Music Studio offers affordable private lessons, low-cost group lessons, and voluntary recitals to showcase your hard-earned skills.




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Don’t see lessons for the instrument you’d like to learn? Give us a call to find out if one of our music teachers can provide instruction for your particular instrument. The diverse musical backgrounds of our staff combined with a genuine passion for music results in a wide range of music lessons for you when you call Eagle Rock Music Studio, 323-309-8467.

• Classical lessons

• Jazz lessons

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Young and old, Eagle Rock helps those of all ages gain a deeper appreciation of music through instruction, performance, and constructive feedback. You can schedule a music lesson with one of our talented music teachers in the Los Angeles/ Eagle Rock area. Call us today for more information, 323-309-8467.


We offer music lessons for comprehensive music study, or recreational musical enjoyment for children, students, and adults alike. Beginning, intermediate, advanced, and performing musician students all come to Eagle Rock Music Studio to enhance their musical skills. Located close to Pasadena, Altadena, Glendale, Montrose, La Canada, Highland Park, Silver Lake and Glassell Park, Eagle Rock Music Studio offers a central location for music lessons close to home.


Contact Eagle Rock Music Studio for more information about your LA area music lessons today. We can help you take your musical skills to the next performance level.


Need help with musical preparation for performance, auditions, and performing arts schools?


At Eagle Rock Music Studio, our staff of professional music instructors (who are also experienced performers) can help you prepare for music auditions, performing arts school entrance auditions, or special auditions for music-related movie roles.

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